The Turismano

Turismano is a new company, but attentive to market needs and to the constant development of tourism in the country and its regions. With a high quality servisse, we intend to, help transform the Tourism of Porto and North of Portugal in a more attractive destination, thus arousing to all customers who visit us, the desire to return.


The Turismano conducts several tours in various areas through various means of transport.

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Executive Service - Corporate

We intend with this service, provide our customers with all the comfort and pleasure in their business

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In Turismano we providing our customers all the necessary logistical support and transport.

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Our Destinations

  • Destination 1 Porto
  • Destination 1 Douro
  • Destination 1 Minho
  • Destination 1 Centro
  • Destination 1 Lisboa
  • Destination 1 Sintra
  • Destination 1 Santiago Compostela