Terms and conditions


TURISMANO, Lda., Headquartered at Rua 28 de Janeiro, nº 350, Fraction F-07, 4400-335, Vila Nova de Gaia, with license number. 575/2014.
The company has all insurance required by Portuguese law.
The coverage of our insurance only covers vehicles and passengers is not responsible for loss or damage that are not directly related to our services.
In case of questions, suggestions or emergency you can contact the company via phone 224068676/938331419 or by e-mail: geral@turismano.pt.

Terms & Conditions

• Please carefully read all the terms and conditions below, before effecting the reservation of our services. Clicking on "Yes, I have read and agree to the Terms of Service", will be legally consent to these terms and conditions, and that they can be modified and fixed on our site at any time. These terms and conditions apply to all services and these are the only conditions to be applied. The contents of the website are strictly for people over 18 who can buy the presented services, using the method of payment required on the website.

• Values ??quoted in euros quoted by vehicle or person, depending on the contract type of service, including all legal fees.

• The reservation of any kind of service has to be done always up to 48 hours before it takes place. Payment must be made at time of booking. The detail of the contracted service will be provided in the most detailed level being assumed to be correct.

• The Turismano produce a written confirmation with the booking details of the requested service. Issue a voucher for your reservation to be presented to the company representative or executor of the service at the time of it. A reserve where two or more people are included, the passenger who makes the purchase is held liable for it and acts as an intermediary between the Turismano and the other members of the reservation, accepting the terms and conditions on behalf of the other members of booking.

• In Private Tours of Turismano, the entrance fees and meals are not included unless mentioned in the memoranda of them.

• Turismano accepts no complaint and respective refund to the customer, where the information from the same is insufficient or wrong about flight schedule or loss thereof; excess baggage or carrying objects such as a wheelchair, surfboards, animal transport bags without notice. Baggage and personal belongings are the sole responsibility of the client.

• Turismano Vehicles - If the vehicle chosen to perform the service is not available, the Turismano will replace it with one with identical quality standards even if differently Brand. Turismano reserves the right to refuse transportation of clients who present under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and can endanger the driver, the vehicle and the other passengers. It is not allowed the consumption of alcoholic drinks and food as well as smoking in our vehicles.

• Refunds - All fees and reimbursement of relocation expenses shall be borne by the customer in 5% of the amount repaid. Any cancellations made 48 hours before the service has no penalty. Between 48 hours and the date of service shall not be entitled to a refund. The deadline for repayment to which the customer will be entitled will be a maximum of 20 business days after the cancellation date •

 Claims - All claims must be reported to the company representative or executor of the service at the time of the same in writing, after which the customer has thirty consecutive days, from the date of the service, to carry out the claim and be considered by the company. The company does not accept complaints due to circumstances beyond our control such as: delays due to weather conditions; transit; mechanical breakdowns; accidents on the road; delays caused by other customers; police operations; etc. Like forgetting any personal document or not, required to perform the service in or out of Portugal and forgotten objects in vehicles. Any received and grounds for appeal will be answered within 30 days after notification. All conflicts will be solved According to the Portuguese Law Court of the District of Porto, with express waiver of any other.


The Turismano, Lda. Is committed to providing excellent service to all customers and visitors of the Website, as well as aspects that relate to your privacy.

Personal Information

Personal information data is requested so that you can access the area of ??the reserves and in the act of meeting them. Do note that all your personal information will be used solely for execution of the respective reservation. Your contacts may be used by our database also for sending newsletters or information concerning existing promotions of our company. Your data will not be transmitted to third parties


To ensure the security of the data provided and the maximum confidentiality, we handle the information provided in an absolutely confidential manner, in accordance with our policies and internal security and confidentiality procedures.